ABM 11

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Welcome to CFA Holdings Incorporated!

The Grade 11 ABM exhibit wing will focus on the best works of Grade 11 students in order to start up a business.


Marketing Office

  • Marketing Approach
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing Plan

Management and Logistics Team

  • Identify Business Opportunities
  • Creating a Business Organization
  • Strategic and Tactic Planning
  • Business Model

Welcome to the Marketing Office!

This office showcases on how to bring up sales using the marketing processes.


Apple Market Approach by Raphael Bautista
McDonald’s Market Approach by Kyra Evangelista
Hennes & Mauritz Marketing Approach by Stefani Palileo


Coca-Cola poster advertisement analysis by John Joshua Caspe
Ford Marketing Analysis by Cedrych Escara
Wendy’s “Where is the Beef?” advertisement by Kyra Evangelista
AVON Marketing Analysis by Mishae Hernandez
Layne Bryant Market Analysis by Stefani Palileo
TV ad of Ronald Reagan by Gilla Salcedo

Market Segmentation

Likha’t Liwayway Market Segmentation by Cedrych Escara

Marketing Plan

Food delivery Marketing Plan by Cedrych Escara
NOVUSTEA Marketing Plan by Francis Samera
GoSSips Marketing Plan by Gilla Salcedo
Cakeymakebakey Market Plan by Martina Gallemit
Stefani Palileo Marketing Plan
Quality Milk Tea Marketing Plan by Jose Miguel Balon

Welcome to the Logistics and Management Office!

This office showcases how start up companies run on a day to day basis.

Identify Business Opportunities

Business Opportunity by Kyra Evangelista

Creating a Business Organization

Food Delivery Business Organization by Cedrych Escara
Martina Gallemit’s Bubble Tea Shop Business

Strategic and Tactic Planning

Strategic and Tactic Plan by Kyra Evangelista
Strategic and Tactic Plan by Mishae Hernandez
Strategic and Tactic Plan by Stefani Palileo

Business Model

Likha’t Liwayway Business Model Canvas by ABM 11 students
For more business management works, you may visit the Grade 12 ABM Exhibit Wing. You may get your profile picture frames at the Souvenir Shop.

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Profile Picture Frames

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