Arts 11

“Teens of today‚Äôs society are asked 3 questions about their past, present, and future. Time Capsule is about capturing the moment at hand, and looking to the future while learning from the past”
“A young teen’s path to music and expression.”
“A young girl’s life living ten years in the United Arab Emirates.”
“A person’s survival journey with depression and a debilitating disease.”
“A documentary about the joys of urban gardening during the pandemic”
“How does a Boomer keep up with a Gen Z when their generation gap is longer than history?”
“Spoken Word Poetry turned to short film.”
“A young man takes a survey but little did he know what lurked behind him.”
“A boy’s inner struggles during pandemic.”
“A young girl, a role model of youth who walked the path of faith and purity, braving her life even if it meant her death”
“A story of friendship that bloomed during Easter.”
“Witnessing the battles of a socially anxious person.”
“How do you find “me” when you battle anxiety? This is a young girl’s inner feelings.”
“Like most people, van Gogh did not know what the future had in store for him, but by holding onto his aspiration, he was able to capture millions of people’s hearts through his story and artworks. Join us in discovering the prismatic life of Vincent van Gogh!”
“Learn the Kreb Cycle with a couple of Crabs.”
“A short tutorial on Newton’s Third Law.”
Here are the best paintings of the Grade 11 Arts and Design Students during their Term 1.

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