Malikhain, The Junior Achievers Company of SHS

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What is Malikhain?

        Malikhain is a start-up company managed by Grade 12 students of CFA Homeschool who are also under the Junior Achievers (JA) program. The venture aims to awaken the sense of nationalism among Filipinos in a creative approach by integrating the concept of Philippine mythology into a card game. This way, the business intends to bring out both fun and recognition of cultural identity at the same time. This holiday season, Malikhain promises you a fun-filled mythical Christmas as they bring you “Alamat”, a tabletop game perfect for bonding with those you love.

What is Alamat?

        Alamat is a Philippine mythology-inspired bluffing card game that also helps showcase a glimpse of the unique Visayan culture. The concept revolves around the Visayan creation story involving a battle between Likabutan, a prideful god, and his grandfather, Kaptan, who is also the supreme ruler of all gods. In this game, the players’ bluffing strategies will be put to the test as they strive to bring their group to victory using only their sharp wits, cooperation, and deceptive stratagems. In line with this, are you curious to know how it’s played?

Here’s how the game works:

        To introduce the game mechanics briefly, all you have to keep in mind is that the whole objective of the game is to reduce the number of your opponents, and most importantly, to eliminate the head honchos of both teams. In other words, when Likabutan dies, the good deities win but if Kaptan dies, the bad deities prevail. It’s that simple! At the start of the game, each player will draw one character card, which shows the deity they are assigned with, and two action cards. Remember to keep your identity a secret or else, your opponents will have the advantage throughout the play. The group will then be divided into two, the good (Kaptan, Maguayan, and Lisuga) and bad deities (Likabutan, Liadlaw, and Libulan). Starting from the eldest person in the room, each player gives out an action card to someone else which can either harm or heal them. But here’s the catch! An action handed to you can be challenged to avoid receiving certain damages to your HPs. However, whoever misjudges will receive one (1) HP damage. Repeat all the steps as you proceed to play in a clockwise direction.

How to Play

Isn’t the game exciting? To experience this action-packed fun, don’t miss the chance to get your hands on Alamat and join us as we continue to explore the bewitching tales of Philippine mythology. Have a mythical summer, mga Kalikha!

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