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At first, I thought you were a constellation
I made a map of your stars, then I had a revelation
You're as beautiful as endless
You're the universe I'm helpless in
An astronomer at my best
When I throw away the measurements
A billion little pieces (like a telescope)
You pulled me into focus (I will pull you so close)
Astronomy in reverse (till no space lies in between)
It was me who was discovered

Venus - Sleeping At Last

It is no shock that these students from the STEM track have their work cutout for them. The strand, STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics all bear similarities to another, sharing in both theory and practice.

As the students from STEM discover the endless possibilities of who they will become in this vast universe we are in, let’s explore how they tell a story using graphic design, technology, and the different sciences.


Empowerment Technology

Though the cyberspace let us discover new information and learn more, we should learn the history of the cyberspace and how to stay safe while using it

Iony Yutuc
Jhannel Wu; Ranniela Torres; Paul Christian Cadiz; Schelley Paulind Pagcu; Diane Margareth Ludovic

General Chemistry 2

These are Knowledge Product created by the students intended for young audiences (10 years old) and are related to their chosen career paths. It is to showcase what will be in store for the young audience if they are interested in these career paths. 
Diane Ludovice – Neuro Science
Gaza Marielle – Veterinary Medicine
Ranniela Torres – Physician / Medical Field
Bryle Mallonga – Agriculture

End of exploration… Thank you for joining us in this exploration.